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Tarot Travel Guide of Italy, History of a Mystery from the Renaissance
Tarot Travel Guide of Italy
History of a Mystery from the Renaissance
1st Edition, Limited to Only 100 Copies
While They Last!
Published by Museo dei Tarocchi, Spring 2015
Written by: Morena Poltronieri, Ernesto Fazioli & Arnell Ando
Created to Honor & Aid Travelers to Italy & for Tarot Art History Geeks, Like Us
Book Size: 5.7 by 8.1 inches - 14.5 x 20.5 cm
Number of Pages: 200
Book Cover Cards: Tarot Montieri, from XVIII century

This small batch of 1st edition books was published April 2015, especially for the Tarot Art History Spring Tour and we are happy to share the few remaining copies as we don't want to leave our friends who couldn't join us empty handed.
The goal is to eventually fully fund an expanded version, with additional material & imagery but in the meantime or in case that does not materialize, here is the original, limited edition!
All orders receive bonus gifties (see image below) of at least 2 Tarot art postcards, magnet & matching artsy stamps which pertain to details in the Travel Guide. There are currently a few books in stock.

Taken from Guidebook Description Back Cover:
Tarot Travel Guide of Italy is an essential handbook dedicated to purveyors of this symbolic art form. Whether you aim to visit these mystical places on an enchanting adventure and witness firsthand this colorful evolution in the country of its birth or you savor the study of the intriguing history of how the Italian Renaissance, intermingled with diverse cultural influences has created this multilayered realm of creative expression. This book is designed to share the fascinating world of Tarot, from its early roots to its natural development in Italy. With plenty of compelling images and helpful tips on how best to navigate a journey to many of these places so intrinsic to Tarot lore; with additional clues, including a map, marked with key locations and an actual itinerary from the Tarot Art History Tours conducted by the writers of this book; it makes the perfect study guide, travel manual and keepsake. New enticing details are revealed that elaborate the progression of this thriving art form, which continues to be interpreted by each artist who translates its symbolic code, while drawing upon the rich culture of its long heritage, from the royal courts of Ferrara and Milan, to the dazzling museum dedicated to the kaleidoscope of nuanced creations, to a Mediterranean garden of iconic sculptures, and every place in between, which shares tales & visions that inspire a personal voyage of self-discovery and an archetypal quest of this universal story, which continues to be written, expressed and explored.

Here is early support of this 1st Printing (a small batch of 100 books), made for the last Italy Tarot Art History Tour, Spring 2015:
Wonderful review by Stewart S. Warren,
Evocateur and author of 20 poetry collections, five of which explore the Tarot
And Tarot writer Bonnie Cehovet shares a lovely, detailed review
Feedback from Charlotte Porter - Professional editor, Tarot reader and researcher.
Three times in my life, I have been fortunate enough to visit Italy. And I was even more fortunate to join Arnell and her husband, Michael, for all three. In two tours led by the late, beloved Tarot artist and scholar Brian Williams, we were introduced to many of the amazing things that you will see on these pages. Arnell and her collaborators on this book have added immeasurably to that, ranging the world for an brief exploration of Tarot history before zeroing in on the streets of cities across Italy -- maps included! -- to peek inside cathedrals, palaces and places of business to show how Tarot has flavored the life of that country. With this book, I can live those heady, sunlit days again and discover new marvels. And you, too, can now walk in the paths of the people of the Renaissance and see their world with an educated eye. Let this book guide you. You will not be disappointed.
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While They Last...
We greatly appreciate your generous support which will help fund an expanded edition!
All supporters of this version get a free pdf of new chapters in a 2nd edition (upon request).

Along with each Tarot Travel Guide, the gifties includes at least 2 Tarot art postcards from a selection
of 8 styles + artsy-stamps & magnet (trust your destiny - random picking) that relate to info found in Guide.

Morena Poltronieri, Arnell Ando & Ernesto Fazioli

Back Cover: Tarot Travel Guide of Italy,
History of a Mystery from the Renaissance
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M. Poltronieri-E.Fazioli-A.Ando
Size cm 14,5x20,5
Translation by Arnell Ando
200 pages
Photoes B/W & coloured
Euro 25,00

Tarot Travel Guide of Italy is an essential handbook dedicated to purveyors of this symbolic art form. Whether you aim to visit these mystical places on an enchanting adventure and witness firsthand this colorful evolution in the country of its birth, or you savor the study of the intriguing history of how the Italian Renaissance, intermingled with diverse cultural influences, created this multilayered realm of creative expression.

Now Expanded to 150 Pages
Newly Revamped & Edited, Autumn 2015
Updated with Fascinating Details & Big, Beautiful Pics!
Full of Useful Live links & Maps!
With Over 70 Images (65 in Color)
A Must Have Guide for Travel & Tarot History
Published by Museo dei Tarocchi
PDF Book Euro 5,00
without shipping charges

A fairy tale through the Tarots’ Major Arcana
Size cm 14,5x20,5
Translation by Paola Isabella Stolfi
Edited by Arnell Ando
80 pages
Drawings by Franco Coletti
Euro 13,00

Many worlds come together in this precious little book. The first protagonist is Love with a capital letter in fact; to designate that active, beneficial and prolific energy, in the very moment it gets inspiration and gives itself away. This is what happens in this story where Franco Coletti writes a long love letter.

History Mysteries Alchemy
Size cm 12x17
Translation by Arnell Ando
144 pages
Euro 16,00

The Sola Busca Tarot deck was purchased by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities in 2009, at a price of eight hundred thousand euro (a fair bit over one million U.S. dollars); with the aim of re-launching the art gallery, Pinacoteca of Brera. In the book: the story of this deck, its symbols and an interpretation connected to alchemy

Poems for D
Size cm 17x24
Translation by Paola Stolfi
108 pages
Franco Coletti has enriched the collection with original drawings inspired to his poems
Euro 13,00

These poems were all written in two years. Many presentations have been included in a series of Tarot decks I drew between 2011 and 2012, which were entitled "Tarots of sacred and profane love" number 1, 2 and 3 (the latter unpublished yet). The decks of cards and poems are all inspirations from a single source.

The new book / catalog of the Museum of the Tarot ... updated in January 2009!
Size cm 17x24
262 pages– colorful illustrations
Text: Italian|English
Euro 28,00

All the artists of the Museum, all the winners of the Museum awards, the history of Tarot, the 22 major arcana, the history of the Museum, our correspondents and so on....

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